Tax Information at the Library

Murphy Library has an online collection of tax resources organized to help people quickly find forms and assistance. The library’s Tax Forms and Publications website brings federal and locally-relevant tax resources together in one easy-to-use collection. Users will find parallel sets of resources for preparing federal, Wisconsin and Minnesota taxes, including:

  • Links to official tax agency websites
  • Authorized links to tax forms
  • E-file access points
  • Authorized toll-free phone numbers for tax assistance
  • Information, including hours, for in-person assistance locations

The site also has a links to other local tax-related resources.

State printed tax forms available at Murphy Library

Those who want to use printed tax forms and publications can find them at local libraries. Murphy Library has common tax forms and publications for both Wisconsin and Minnesota available for pick up on a table just inside the main entrance of the library. Murphy Library does not have federal tax forms and publications in print, but those, along with many for Wisconsin and Minnesota, can be found in limited quantities at the La Crosse Public Library.

For more information about the library’s online or print tax collections, contact Reference Librarian Michael Current at or 608.785.8739.