2 New E-Encyclopedias: Human Rights, Legal History

The following e-encyclopedias are now available:

Encyclopedia of Human Rights (Oxford University Press) Authentication Required
This e-encyclopedia covers of all aspects of human rights theory, practice, law, and history. Coverage includes major figures, organizations and institutions, human rights events and crises, and human rights norms. In addition articles on the right to health and health care, Amnesty International, and the Balkan wars, the encyclopedia offers innovative coverage of such subjects as the Internet, intellectual property rights, the American Civil Rights Movement, globalization, and Brazil in historical context.

Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History (Oxford University Press) Authentication Required
This e-encyclopedia provides historical and contemporary comparisons of the world legal systems from ancient to modern times. Approximately 1,000 articles explore the traditions of Ancient Greek Law, Ancient Roman Law, Medieval Roman Law, Chinese Law, English Common Law, Islamic Law, United States Law, and the laws of such other regions as Africa, Latin America, and South Asia. Major categories of law explained in detail include private law (contract, tort, civil procedure), public law (statutory, criminal, etc.), and higher or constitutional law.