8 New E-Encyclopedias

The following e-reference books are now available:

Encyclopedia of Archaeology (Elsevier) Authentication Required
The Encyclopedia of Archaeology covers all aspects of archaeology, including the nature and diversity of archaeology as a scientific discipline, the practice of archaeology, archaeology in the everyday world, and the future of the discipline. Included are articles by leading authors that summarize archaeological knowledge at the beginning the 21st century, highlighting important sites and issues, and tracing the development of prehistoric cultures around the globe.

Encyclopedia of Biodiversity (Elsevier) Authentication Required
This encyclopedia covers the evolution of biodiversity, systems for classifying and defining biodiversity, ecological patterns and theories of biodiversity, and an assessment of contemporary patterns and trends in biodiversity.

Encyclopedia of Ecology (Elsevier) Authentication Required
Entries in this encyclopedia cover a range of topics, including: Behavioral Ecology, Ecological Processes, Ecological Modeling, Ecological Engineering, Ecological Indicators, Ecological Informatics, Ecosystems, Ecotoxicology, Evolutionary Ecology, General Ecology, Global Ecology, Human Ecology, and System Ecology.

Encyclopedia of Gerontology (Elsevier) Authentication Required
This e-reference work covers all areas related to aging and populations over 65 years old including influences of a biological, behavioral, social, and environmental nature.

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition (Elsevier) Authentication Required
This e-encyclopedia covers the scope of human nutrition including the epidemiology of diet-related diseases, functional foods, food safety, clinical nutrition and gastrointestinal disorders.

Encyclopedia of Infant and Early Childhood Development (Elsevier) Authentication Required
This e-encyclopedia provides a comprehensive entry point into all of the existing literature on child development from the fields of psychology, genetics, neuroscience, and sociology. The scope of this work is to understand the developmental changes, when they occur, why they occur, how they occur, and those factors that influence that development. Although some medical information is included, the emphasis is on normal growth and is primarily from a psychological perspective.

Encyclopedia of Inland Waters (Elsevier) Authentication Required
This resource is geared to anyone involved in managing water resources. Select contents includes: Surface and groundwater hydrology; Hydrologic balance; Lakes of the world; Rivers of the world; Light and heat in aquatic ecosystems; Hydrodynamics and mixing in rivers, reservoirs, and lakes; Inorganic chemicals: cycles and dynamics; Organic compounds: Cycles and dynamics; Bacteria and Fungi; Algae; Zooplankton; Invertebrates; Vertebrates; Air-water and land-water interface/wetland/littoral interactions; Pollution and remediation.

Encyclopedia of Neuroscience (Elsevier) Authentication Required
This e-encyclopedia covers neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and other related areas of neuroscience. Each article is written by an expert in that specific domain and peer reviewed by the advisory board before acceptance into the encyclopedia. Each article contains a glossary, introduction, a reference section, and cross-references to other related encyclopedia articles.