A library guide for your topic

Q: How do you get started with research on a specific topic?

A: Use the library subject guide that corresponds with your topic.

With more than 200 information databases, more than 26,000 periodicals, hundreds of thousands of books, and a website with many, many choices, it’s good to know that librarians have assembled the most relevant resources for each major and gathered them together into Subject Guides.

Learn more about Subject Guides with the 1-minute video: Murphy Minute: How to Research a Specific Topic.

The guides offer a portal-like approach to organizing information resources by subject and include links to:

  • Key resources, regardless of type or format
  • Essential and additional databases
  • Books, e-books and online scholarly encyclopedias
  • Relevant library guides and course-related guides
  • Web resources, Google Books and Google Scholar

Subject Guides can be found at the library home page by clicking the “Subject” link or the “Library Guides” button.