Top 5 Tools to Finish Your Projects

This is the time of year when students are scrambling to put the finishing touches on everything from full-blown research papers to classroom presentations.

These five resources will help you get through the process with flying colors:

  1. Subject Guides: These are the fastest route to finding articles, books, and other resources related to any particular topic. Don’t try to browse or search your way through the library website – use Subject Guides instead.
  2. Journals Search: Everybody asks this at some time: does the library provide access to the [insert journal/magazine/newspaper title here]? Enter the name of any specific magazine, newspaper, or scholarly journal, and the Journals Search will show you where to find the full text of articles in that publication.
  3. Citing Sources Guide: This is one of the library’s most popular web pages. It provides information and links to other credible sites that will help you turn in papers with sparkling citations.
  4. Reference Services: Librarians who understand end-of-semester stresses are standing by to help with everything from “Where’s a quiet study space?” to “I have a 25 page paper due tomorrow. Where should I start?”
  5. Interlibrary Loan and Universal Borrowing: Desperately need an article or book and it’s not available anywhere in town? It might not be too late! Interlibrary Loan can bring articles in as little as 24 hours, and Universal Borrowing will get books and videos in no more than 4 business days (and often much faster).