How do you link to an article?

Have you ever tried to create a link to an article, only to have it fail?

Faculty and staff frequently include article links in D2L pages, and students may link to articles in a variety of places such as email, web pages, and presentations. Links that are copied and pasted from the browser’s addrepermalinkss bar often come from deep within the parent database and do not reflect the authentication information necessary to view the page when starting a new browser session.

To create links that always work use these two steps:

  1. First, many databases will display, somewhere alongside the article, a “persistent link.” Use this whenever possible.
  2. Second, to work in all situations, the link must go through Murphy Library’s authentication server. Paste in front of the persistent link.

Here’s an example of a properly formed link to an article in an EBSCOhost database:

Where are more instructions and examples?

The library has a web page that shows how to find and link to resources using persistent links in databases such as EBSCOhost, Elsevier ScienceDirect, OVID, Films on Demand, LexisNexis Academic and JSTOR. The web page can be found at

If you have questions about linking to articles and other library resources, contact Jen Holman, Electronic Resources/Periodicals Librarian at or 5-8395.