Academic Journals on BrowZine

browzine_savedarticles_ios_onDevice_smallWant to keep up with academic journals over the summer? Give BrowZine a try.

BrowZine is a tablet application that allows UW-L students, faculty, and staff to browse, read, and monitor many of the library’s scholarly journals.

Some of BrowZine’s features include:

  • A virtual bookshelf to hold each user’s favorite journals for easy, fast access
  • A reading interface optimized for a tablet device
  • An email service to alert user’s when their favorite journals publish new issues
  • The ability to save articles to Zotero, Dropbox, or other app of your choice for pdf collecting and note taking
  • The ability to share links to articles via email, Facebook, or Twitter

More information can be found at the web page,, which includes information about how BrowZine works, installation instructions, a introductory video, and more.