Last-Minute Reference Help

The semester is coming to an end. People are working hard to finish up assignments, research, presentations, and other course work.

Did you know that librarians can be some of your strongest allies in wrapping up these kinds of projects? We strive to provide “judgement-free” service to everyone, from prompt go-getters, to last-minute procrastinators.

Librarians understand the technicalities of finding, evaluating, and processing information. They answer the same types of year-end questions regularly and know how to solve many of the last-minute problems that can be so frustrating.

How do you find a librarian to help?

  • Stop in at the Reference Desk. View the hours here.
  • Call the Reference Desk at 608-785-8508
  • Text the Reference Desk at 608-588-8158
  • Email the Reference Desk at
  • Chat with the Reference Desk using the chat box on library web pages

View the full range of reference services here: