New video from UW Libraries

The Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL) has released a video highlighting the importance of UW-System funding for information research tools.The video is titled “Investing in knowledge, investing in Wisconsin” and was created to help Wisconsin decision makers understand the direct relationship between the information resources typically supplied by libraries and the outcomes of cutting-edge research.

Several UW-L personnel were involved in the video creation, including Provost Heidi Macpherson, who narrates the video, Library Director Catherine Lavallée-Welch, CATL Director William Cerbin, and Educational Multimedia Developers Jeff Kerkman and Xingxing Lin. The video features several UW System researchers, including UW-L Professor Scott Cooper as he describes the importance of online access to journals. It also shows UW-L students conducting and reporting on research activities.

The video is part of an awareness-raising campaign directed toward the Board of Regents, the UW System administration, and government leaders. Murphy Library encourages people to share this video wherever possible to help others understand the importance of continued funding for critical information research resources. The video can be found at