Quiet Study Spaces in the Library

Quiet Study SpacesSometimes it’s hard to find a quiet place anywhere on campus. Even parts of Murphy Library can get pretty noisy from time to time.
Next time you need to find a quiet study space, check out these favorite study spots in Murphy Library:
  1. The second floor of the library is designated as quiet study zone. Find a comfortable corner, a beanbag chair, or a table (especially some of those along the outside walls) and plan for some good, quiet study time.
  2. The basement is a quiet study area with a few tables and the benefit of less traffic than any other floor of the library.
  3. Private, individual study rooms are located along the outside walls of the east side of the basement. These rooms are big enough for one person, have power and wireless, and have a door that closes to keep noise out. Some of the rooms are reserved for graduate students, but if a door is unlocked, the room is yours to use – first come first served

Try to avoid the first floor, which is not a quiet area. If you are in a designated quiet area and people are making noise, the library staff wants to you to let them know so they can talk to the people, who may very well not even know they’re in a quiet study area.

NEW: In addition to the quiet spaces mentioned above, the library, as a pilot project, is converting Room 12 in the basement into a silent study room. To make this room wonderfully, absolutely silent, students should refrain from conversation or whispering, silence all phones and electronic devices, and keep the door closed. Although there will be groups of students in the room, this room is for individual study only. We hope this will answer the most focused of study needs.

You can see the quiet study areas on the library’s floorplan maps. Look for the areas shaded blue.