Where are the Journals/Magazines and Newspapers?

During Summer 2012, library staff moved our heavily used multimedia collection to a new, more visible location – right in the middle of our current periodicals area.  We added some awesome new display shelving for about 100 of our most popular magazines, but we needed to find some new locations for some of our journals and newspapers on microfilm.  The rest of the periodicals, especially those more academic in nature, are now shelved with the bound periodicals on the lower level.  The re-designed space on the first floor is now a bright and welcoming place to grab a magazine or a newspaper, lounge in a comfortable chair, and relax for a little while.

Not sure where the periodical title you seek is located?  Check  these handy title lists:

Current periodicals – First Floor

Current periodicals – Lower Level (with Bound Periodicals)

Current newspapers remain in the current periodicals area, but the newspaper microfilm is now shelved with the rest of our periodicals microfilm on the south side of the first floor, conveniently situated close to the microform reader/printers.

If you have any questions about periodicals, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jenifer Holman (785-8395) jholman@uwlax.edu

Sloan Komissarov (785-8510) skomissarov2@uwlax.edu